Legal fields

Contract law and company law

In addition to general commercial legal advice our law firm also provides an extensive range of very specialised services relating to individual aspects of commercial activities and business.
In view of the fact that, in addition to important Czech clients, we also represent many foreign companies, including multinational corporations, we have huge experience in this field and we know the legal and administrative specifics of the business activities of all our clients and how to provide our services in the most effective way possible.

Specific activities in the field of commercial legal advice include in particular:

  • the foundation of and changes to companies, in particular limited liability companies and joint-stock companies, including the related administration of corporate matters
  • the regulation of the legal relations of companies, general meetings, the supervisory board, the executive board, representing members
  • the preparation, evaluation and negotiation of contracts concluded as part of business relations
  • the preparation of shareholder agreements and their negotiation
  • law of corporate groups, contracts to control companies, reports on relations between connected entities and evaluation of liability-related risks for controlling entities to controlled entities
  • ensuring compliance with obligations imposed on the client by valid legal regulations, in particular compliance with registration and reporting obligations, obligation to place documents in the collection of documents of the Commercial Register and so on.
  • liquidation of companies, representation of clients at proceedings at a court of law, arbitration bodies and administrative bodies (the Office for the Protection of Competition, trade licence offices, tax offices and others)
  • the performance of a comprehensive legal audit and controls (due diligence), for example for a merger, the sale of a business, the sale of an interest in a company, the sale of shares and so on

Construction law and property law

The law firm has great experience in the field of construction law and property law, and since its founding has provided legal advice to both international and also Czech companies. Throughout its existence it has participated in many important developer projects in Prague (e.g. the construction of Palác Flóra in Prague). The law firm represents a series of important developers, real estate agencies and construction companies, while its activities in this legal area include, in particular, the preparation of comprehensive contractual documentation for transfers of all types of real estate (contracts of sale, lease contracts, contracts with architects etc.), the implementation and sale of developer projects, comprehensive due diligence for developer projects and real estate, representation during building permit procedures and environmental law.

Labour law

In the field of labour law we represent both employers and also employees in a wide range of labour relations, in particular during the conclusion of employment contracts, the creation of rules of employment and internal regulations, in matters of legal advice regarding remuneration, severance and bonuses, protection against competitive behaviour by employees, protection of know-how and information, the termination of employment, anti-discrimination measures, company restructuring, transfers or outsourcing of employees, regulation of the position of statutory bodies, the employment of foreigners, industrial due diligence and representation during disputes.

Disputes, including arbitration proceedings

The law firm represents clients in many legal and arbitration proceedings, for which we provide our clients with legal advice already during the preparatory phases of the dispute resolution as well as during the actual legal proceedings. We work together with the client and provide advice during the preparation of procedural strategies and assist in the conciliatory resolution of disputes in all areas of law. In the case of the recovery of receivables we also represent the client during execution proceedings, and to ensure the rapid and effective recovery of receivables for the client we cooperate on a long-term basis with several leading executor offices in the Czech Republic. All the lawyers at our law firm have great experience with disputes within the framework of legal as well as arbitration proceedings. We also have experience with proceedings before the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic during decisions on constitutional complaints and in proceedings at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Restructuring and insolvency

This area includes in particular the structuring of transactions, mergers, division, the takeover of assets by a single member, changes in legal form, transfers and leases of a company, restructuring of receivables, capitalisation of receivables, representation in insolvency proceedings, representation in incident disputes and representation at creditor bodies.

Banking and financial law

Our law firm provides a wide range of legal services in the area of banking and financial law relating to the comprehensive preparation of loan documentation, including security, the restructuring of loans, negotiations on behalf of the client with banks during the arrangement of loans, bank guarantees, financial market regulation, securities law and other related areas.

Health insurance law

In the area of insurance law we focus in particular on health insurance, where we represent leading health insurers in the Czech Republic. We provide our clients – health insurers and insurance brokers – with legal advice and consultation for the conclusion of insurance policies, representation at negotiations with medical facilities, representation at legal proceedings in disputes relating to reductions in insurance settlements, compensation and so on. In this area the law firm also focuses on the issue of public health insurance

Medical law

The law firm provides its clients – medical workers, medical facilities and health insurers – with expert legal advice relating in particular to the rights and claims of patients, medical facilities and health insurers. In this area we provide legal advice and represent clients, in particular medical workers and medical facilities, in proceedings initiated by patients, especially in proceedings for compensation, administrative proceedings, criminal proceedings and so on. We represent health insurers in negotiations with medical facilities and the authorities and public administration bodies and we prepare legal analyses for them, in particular in relation to a lege artis procedure, malpractice, informed agreement, the completeness of medical documentation and leaks of information from it and so on.

Intellectual property law and unfair competition

Our law firm provides legal services in all areas of intellectual property, whether in relation to copyright and intellectual property rights or the law relating to trade secrets, know-how, goodwill and so on. Our advice helps our clients protect the results of their intellectual activities from the moment that such rights originate to the future, and this also in cases of attacks or restrictions on these rights. In the area of intellectual property law we prepare comprehensive contractual documentation for our clients in the area of copyright and other intellectual property rights and we represent them during legal disputes and in proceedings at the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic.

Public procurement and tenders

Our law firm provides advice in the area of public procurement and tenders, in particular in relation to the organisation of tenders or other selection procedures, including the preparation of tender and contractual documentation, assistance during the preparation and evaluation of bids, client representation during the management of challenges or in proceedings relating to investigation of acts by the tender client at the Office for the Protection of Competition.

IT law

In this rapidly developing and dynamic area of law we represent our clients primarily during the regulation of relations during the development, implementation, licencing and distribution of software products and other IT solutions, the registration of intellectual property rights, the enforcement and protection of intellectual property, and this including relations connected with trademarks, the use of trademarks in economic competition, the resolution of protection for know-how, trade secrets and key data.